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Polygon и Hi запустили дебетовую NFT-карту Mastercard

Проект Polygon запустил Web3-платформу для персонализации дебетовых карт NFT Debit Mastercard от финансового приложения Hi.

«Мы рады представить новую платформу на базе Polygon, которая позволит участникам Hi создавать NFT, используя свое любимое изображение — будь то праздничное фото, любимое домашнее животное или онлайн-профиль — и использовать его для настройки внешнего вида Web3-карты Mastercard», — говорится в заявлении.

NFT Debit Mastercard позволяет пользователям тратить криптовалюту и фиатные деньги в более чем 90 млн торговых точках по всему миру. Карта предусматривает кешбэк до 10% и ряд других преимуществ, отметили партнеры.

Первоначально продукт доступен в 25 европейских странах, а также Великобритании.

Партнерство с Hi стало для Polygon очередным шагом по расширению присутствия в сфере невзаимозаменяемых токенов.

В начале декабря сеть кофеен Starbucks запустила на платформе проекта бета-версию http://crypto-currency.website/?p=164 программы лояльности на основе NFT.

Polygon также расширила сотрудничество с крупнейшим маркетплейсом невзаимозаменяемых токенов на базе Solana — Magic Eden.

1/ @0xPolygon, welcome to the garden of @MagicEden 💜

Buy, sell, and mint Polygon NFTs with $MATIC, $WETH, and $USDC on Magic Eden pic.twitter.com/C4MhtVBNJX

— Magic Eden 🪄 (@MagicEden) December 15, 2022

За вторую неделю декабря объем торгов NFT в Polygon составил $10,24 млн. По показателю сеть уступила только доминирующей Ethereum ($117,8 млн) и Solana ($12,2 млн), согласно The Block.

Напомним, ежемесячные торговые объемы NFT в ноябре продолжили падение, следует из аналитического отчета ForkLog.

RELICTUM news for the first half of 2022

The first half of 2022 was left behind and now, looking back, you can summarize the results of the events of Relictum.

Relictum products development

For six months, Relictum Node received several important updates at once:

– Added support for devices with the iOS operating system;

– Integrated support for stakeing tokens GTN. This allowed GTN to not only use their coins for transactions, but also to increase their own capital;

– Work on the Relictum Dex product, which is currently in the preval. In particular, automatic custom -toe listing was added. In addition, a team of AAX Bitcoin-Birzha testers was expanded, which has already held several test iterations;

– providing public access to the Finance Widget code – the USDR purchase tool. The product is available for connection and use on any site. The connection code is in the public domain on the popular Github web platform;

– The process of introducing a new bridge on Relictum Finance has been launched, which allows you to change USDC to USDR and vice versa.

NEFT news

In Indonesia at the Creative Economy exhibition (IDCEX) 2022, Relictum NFT was presented, and the first picture for GTN tokens was sold, and recently, operations can be carried out not only using USDR, but also GTN.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that NFT Islam was launched on the Relictum blockchain – the marketePlais of digital art corresponding to the norms of religion.

It is worth noting an interview with CEO RELICTUM NFT Ksenia Bashlai as part of the Actual Conversation program on the Tatarstan-24 television channel. The theme of the plot was “NFT: how to earn millions in a virtual picture?»».

In addition, Ksenia took part in the role of a speaker on Virtual Infiom Salon – Defi, NFTS, DAOS and METAVERSE, where she presented the crypto to the community of the Relictum NFT platform.

Events, events and development of the community

First of all, it is worth recalling that over the past six months Relictum celebrated 3 important dates at once. April 24 Relictum Laboratory turned exactly a year, on June 1, the two-year anniversary of Mainnet Relictum Blockchain took place, and the 3rd we celebrated 3 years from the day when the Relictum project began its way.

For 6 months, a lot of work has been done to expand and improve communication with our community. In particular, video tutorials in Uzbek was prepared in working with Relictum Node, Relictum’s personal account became available in Indonesian, and the Turkish chat Relictum was opened. In addition, regular ASKLive webinars with a resolictum ecosystems were launched by Nikolai Osipenko, who regularly take place on YouTube channel .

Also, in February, a large Relictum Ecosystem webinar was held in the person of the CEO Alexander Strigin and S. Nikolai Osipenko, who answered users’ questions. In total, more than 100 questions were collected for January, for which we prepared specific, but at the same time detailed and useful answers.

CEO RELICTUM ECOSYSTEM Alexander Strygin and CEO Relictum Startup Laboratory Ilnur Rakhmetov visited a number of events: Crypto Expo Dubai, AIBC UAE 2022, which are collected, found and agreed by the leaders of crypto-residents and high technology industries and industry.

In March, Relictum Ecosystem and the LBANK exchange signed a listing agreement and mutual cooperation. The LBANK platform is included in the top 20 exchanges according to Coinmarketcap and the top-25 rating Coingecko in terms of trading with daily turnover. GTN token listing on the LBANK exchange will take place on September 29. Bidding will be carried out as part of the cryptocurrency pair GTN/USDT.

Publications and interviews in the media

For six months, Relictum has been told by more than 40 world media, the most important of which I would like to mention:

These six months have passed successfully not only for our team, but also of individual Relictum products. During this period, the number of wallets on the Relictum network exceeded 67.000! And already in July, the anniversary values ​​reached Relictum Blockchain, through which 1 passed.000.000 transactions!

If you want to discuss news or other events of Relictum, be sure to add to our Relictum Ecosystem chat: @relictum_pro_chat_ru .❤️

The Netherlands launched the first autonomous «killer robots» NATO

The Royal Army of the Netherlands launched the testing of armed unmanned ground vehicles (BNTS) in order to develop and clarify the doctrine at the platoon level.

Mavissen called the testing of Themis an experiment, November 2, 2022 but clarified that it was «not just tests at the training ground».

“We act under the close attention of Russians, so we are as if in a semi -operative environment,” he said.

Group robots with machine guns tested by the Netherlands are not the first in the world. In 2019, Estonia launched the naked version of Themis in Mali. In the same year, Iran showed the Zhuk-like “Kamikadze robots” Heidair-1.

In 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the tests of military BNTS Uranus-9 in Syria. However, later it turned out that the devices did not cope with the task well and repeatedly lost contact with the dispatcher.

Recall that in October a video appeared on the network with the landing of armed robops transported by the drone.

In the same month, a coalition of six companies refused to create or support the use of devices they have developed and software for military purposes.

In June 2021, the UN recorded the first case in history when a combat drone without a direct order from the operator killed a man.

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